Summary of Nemesvámos

Due to the geographical location, Nemesvámos is a very attractive village, which is located near Lake Balaton, and in the heart of the Bakony mountains. From the highest hills the villages have a beautiful view of Lake Balaton and of the romantic Bakony mountains.

It is no wonder, that this area was already populated during Roman times. The visitors of the villa Romana Baláca can take part in real time travel.
The first written record of the village came from the year 1207. Nemesvamos can count this year as its first birthday, and therefore the so called ’Lentil land’ is now more than 800 years old. The first part of the name Nemesvámos means noble, because noble people have lived here since the middle ages. The second part ’vamos’ means toll keeper, which shows the past function of the village. Nemesvámos was named ’Lentil land’ because lentil agriculture once played an important role in the local agriculture.
There are more than 2700 inhabitants, and a large number of these people work here. Thanks to the perfect location, several firms and companies have found the perfect spot in Nemesvámos, and they offer plenty of job opportunities for the local population. The fast and secure economic development allows a modern and conscious settlement to take shape.
Economic thinking and sustainability are basic principles here.
There are playgrounds for children, sport possibilities, riding events for young people, as well as clubs and bands for the older generation. Nemesvámos is also accessible by bike. There are two newly built bicycle paths from Veszprém to Nagyvázsony.
The hiker won’t be bored here, since the village is easy to access on foot from all directions. Among the list of attractions is the famous Baroque style Betyár Csárda, which is a Hungarian speciality restaurant, as well as the Roman villa in Baláca, the Catholic church, and the Protestant church.
Every year there are gastronomic and follkore events, and many more events such as the popular lentil and black pudding festival, the grape harvest festival, and the village day.
The visitor to Nemesvámos can take part in real time travel, where the they can enjoy the treasures of the past and the modern values of the village in the real sense of the word.


Sights in Nemesvámos

Betyár Csárda

The wayside inn of Vámos namely the ’Betyár csárda’ was built in Baroque style in the 18th century. According to Hungarian historical records, famous Hungarian outlaws stayed here, such as Sobri Jóska, and Savanyó Jóska. The building was originally a toll-house, which is located between Veszprém and the road to Tapolca. The inn’s location was used in many famous Hungarian films such as ’The Captain of Tenkes Mountain’ and ’The testament of Aga Koppány’ Nowadays, this historical building is used for traditional events .The ’Csárda’ because of its special architecture is one of the most beautiful attractions in Nemesvámos.

Villa Romana Balaca - Roman Villa and Garden of Ruins

The Roman Empire at Balaton Highlands


The Balaton Highlands was once part of the Roman Empire. The Villa Romana Balaca was the home and farm of a Roman family, where rich agriculture was cultivated. It remained covered for many years but is now visible and accessable for anyone who is interested in knowing how the Romans lived their everyday life.
In the year 1904 peasants discovered the ruins of the Roman Villa. The archeological exploration was a success story because of the dozens of recovered buildings under the ground. The excavation is still under progress. The Roman Villa is one of the most significant relics of Ancient Rome in Central Europe and used to cover 10 hectares.
The main building of the estate is completed by some other buildings.There is a bath, farm buildings and a monumental tomb belonging to the main villa. Following restoration, the artifacts and tools that were used in everyday life are displayed in an exhibition.
The special Italian influenced wall paintings and mosaics of the main villa are being displayed at their original locations.
A Roman herb garden is attached to the park. In the building which houses the stone collection, one can find Roman stone carvings that were discovered in Veszprém county.
The Villa Romana Balaca lies at the border of Nemesvámos and Veszprémfajsz, 9 kilometres from Veszprém.
It is a great place for family excursions from Veszprém and/or for tourists taking trips around Lake Balaton.

Contact and location:
Villa Romana Balaca
8248 Nemesvámos Baláca
GPS N47.04456, E 17.88793
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St. Matthews Catholic Church

The old Catholic church of Nemesvámos is located at 25, Kossuth Lajos street. It was built in the 19th century.

Protestant Church

The Protestant church of Nemesvámos stands in the neighborhood of the Catholic church. It was built in 1740 in Baroque style. In 1790 the church was extended with a new 27 metre tower. The churchtower with a clock has a distinct role in the landscape of Nemesvámos.



Events in Nemesvámos

February: Lentil and black pudding festival

August: Village day


September: Harvest festival


Contact of mayor’s office

Adress:8248 Nemesvámos Fészek str. 7.

Tel.: +36 (88) 505580

Fax.: +36 (88) 505591

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